Knife Maintenance Tools

After all those hunting trips you take every weekend, you've gotta keep your gear in tip-top shape. Knives must be clean and sharp, ready for the next use. Sharpening tools and replacement blades are a must have in knife maintenance. Even portable sharpeners for sharpening on the go!


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Smith's® 4" Natural Arkansas Sharpening Stone
Number: 50556
Price: $11.99
Smith's® Sharpener Jiffy Sharp
Number: 85169
Price: $7.99
Smith's® Double Hand Sharpener
Number: CCKB
Price: $3.99
Smith's® 2-Step Knife Sharpener
Number: CCKS
Price: $3.99
Smith's® Coarse Diamond Bench Stone
Number: DBSC
Price: $34.99
Smith's® 6" Fine Diamond Bench Sharpening Stone
Number: DBSF
Price: $24.99
Lansky Nathan's Natural Honing Oil
Number: L0L01
Price: $4.99
Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Replacement Blades - Set of 6
Number: RR-6
Price: $12.99
Sona Enterprises 6" Sharpening Stone
Number: SESS6
Price: $1.79
Sona Enterprises 8" Sharpening Stone
Number: SESS8
Price: $1.99