Electrical & Marking Tape

Smith & Edwards added Ace Hardware to the store in 1979. Since then, we've been your northern Utah DIY store - from duct tape to ammo cans to leatherworking. You'll find duct tape that just does the job, as well as 50+ fun colors and patterns, like Mickey Mouse and bacon! These are perfect for making duct tape wallets, book covers, covering cords on the floor, and even creating prom dresses. The Skittles duct tape is one of our best sellers - what's YOUR favorite?

If you love the fun duct tape colors and patterns here, you'll LOVE the 150+ colors of paracord we carry... click here to explore!



ACE Extreme Weather Vinyl Eletrical Tape
Number: 3013752
Price: $1.00
ACE® Self-Fusing Splicing Tape
Number: 30986
Price: $8.59
ACE® Vinyl Electrical Tape
Number: 33180
Price: $1.59
ACE® 5 Pack of Colorful Electrical Tape
Number: 33821
Price: $4.59
ACE Thread Seal Tape - 1/2" x 260"
Number: 47509
Price: $0.99