Axes, Saws, & Machetes

Whether you're building a car emergency kit or a bail-out bag, you'll be glad you packed an emergency axe from Smith & Edwards with you. You'll also find saws and machetes here, for hunting & backpacking. These aren't toys, these are sturdy tools you can depend on to clear debris blocking the road, prepare a campsite for the night, and erect a shelter.

A compact emergency axe or hatchet may seem too small to do the job, but take our word for it - it'll do the job for you. The small size makes these axes great choices - they'll fit in small bail-out bags and backpacks, while still giving you the leverage you need to chop through obstacles and firewood. Grippy and ideal for small jobs, these hatchets are a must-have for your survival room or emergency preparedness kits.



Coghlan's Machete with Sheath
Number: 0077
Price: $9.99
Gerber® Gear Gator Machete
Number: 31-000758
Price: $19.99
Gerber® Gear Gator Machete Jr.
Number: 31-000759
Price: $18.99
Pack Axe
Number: COG1160
Price: $19.99
Liberty Mountain® Sven Saw - 15-in.
Number: LM370835
Price: $39.99
Stansport® Survival Hand Chainsaw
Number: STA316
Price: $16.99