72-Hour & First Aid Kits

Never be caught unprepared. Whether you're stuck on a snowy mountain pass and you need to turn the car off to save your battery, or you're forced down into the basement by bad weather or a power outage, you'll be glad you got the best emergency kit for car or home.

These emergency first aid kits are the same ones we use to keep ourselves and our families safe. From a basic first aid kit to specialized single and couple's 72-hour kits, choose the kit that fits your needs and situation best.

A simple kit is great to take camping – it'll have all the bandages, antibacterial wipes, and tools to clean up after skinned knees and scraped elbows. For a car kit, you'll want to have first aid supplies as well as a space blanket, glowsticks, and some food in case you get stranded. Not a bad idea to tuck some cash in it for gas. And for weather emergencies, there's nothing better to have on hand than our 72 hour kits. These not only have first aid supplies and weather protection like ponchos, blankets, and gloves, but you'll also get quality rations and packaged water to keep you nourished and hydrated while you wait out the storm or blackout. Have one for every member of your family!

Most of these supplies don't expire, but rotate the rations and water when they get close to their best-by dates so you'll never hesitate to use your home first aid kit in an emergency. These kits come in great bags so you can grab them and move out if your home becomes unsafe and you need to travel to safety. We'll take good care of you with these kits! Make sure to check out our survival bags and plastic containers if you're building your own kit.



Adventure Medical Family First Aid Kit
Number: 0120-0230
Price: $29.99
Adventure Medical Kits First Aid 1.0
Number: 0120-0210
Price: $13.99
Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .7 First Aid Kit
Number: ULTRALT7
Price: $29.99
Blue Coolers® Blue Seventy-Two 3 Day Emergency Kit for 1 Person
Number: 72-1001BX
Price: $29.99
Coghlan's Foot Care Kit
Number: 8043
Price: $4.49
Coghlan's Trek II First Aid Kit
Number: 9802
Price: $18.99
Coghlan's Trek III First Aid Kit
Number: 9803
Price: $34.99
Elite 16 Person First Aid Kit
Number: EFA111
Price: $19.99
Elite 24 Person First Aid Kit
Number: EFA112
Price: $21.99
Elite 8 Person First Aid Kit
Number: EFA114
Price: $15.99
Zip-It First Aid Kit
Number: EFA129
Price: $8.99