Fox Run Metal Potato Ricer/Fruit Press

Product Number: 6130389
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Fox Run Metal Potato Ricer/Fruit Press

  • Material: Metal w/ stainless steel disks
  • Includes 2 disks for fine or coarse textures
  • Easily mash potatoes, veggies, fruit and more
  • Mfg numbers: 5773


Product Details

Product Weight: 1.20 LB
Shipping Dimensions: 10.75" x 3.75" x 3.00"

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The first thought when it comes to a ricer is perfectly smooth and creamy, deliciously mashed potatoes every time. If you just use your ricer for potatoes, kudos to you. You've found your love and you're sticking to it. Here are some other great ideas for your stainless steel ricer: Mash your veggies for quick, easy, and healthy baby food, mash sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie, squish the water out of spinach, smash bananas to put in a delicious dessert, make gnocchi, press butter when a recipe calls for cold butter cut into flour, puree tomatoes, press grapes, prepare pumpkin for pie/muffins, drain pineapple or tuna, the list goes on and on. However you decide to use it, you'll love the quality and consistency that comes with a potato ricer.