Survival Tools & Shovels

Must haves for any trail riding, hiking, and camping pack list! You’ll find necessary tools that are durable for any outdoor adventure. You’ll find tools that make camping a breeze and some that you probably didn’t even think you needed.

At these prices, you can afford to have a survival knife or multi-tool in each of your emergency kits, even in the car and by the door! You'll have all the tools you need - screwdrivers, can opener, pliers, knives, even LED light - in your survival multi-tool. A survival must-have!

Whether you're building your own bail-out bag or you're helping a friend or loved one build their own emergency kit, you'll want to pack a good multi-tool. We've selected these survival blades and tools to give you the most reliable service at the best price.

Under half a pound and packed with utility, these emergency knives will serve you well in your time of need, whether you're out in the woods or unfamiliar terrain in an evacuation situation - or you're just making a small home repair. Don't be unprepared - get the multi-tools you'll need tomorrow, today.


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Coghlan's Folding Shovel
Number: 9065
Price: $14.99
Coghlan's Pocket Sierra Saw 4-inch
Number: 0562
Price: $9.99
Coghlan's Sierra Saw 7-inch
Number: 8400
Price: $11.99
Folding Shovel - 23"
Number: SE8791FSP
Price: $14.99
Gerber Devour Multi-Functional Fork
Number: 31003422N
Price: $14.99
Gerber Knives® Truss Multi-Tool
Number: 31003304
Price: $49.99
Gerber® Dime Micro Tool - Black
Number: 31001134
Price: $21.99
Gerber® Dime Micro Tool - Red
Number: 31001040
Price: $21.99
Gerber® Splice Pocket Tool
Number: 31-000013
Price: $14.99
Gerber® Suspension Multi-Plier Tool
Number: 2201471
Price: $34.99
Gerber® Suspension NXT MultiTool
Number: 31003345
Price: $29.99
Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool
Number: 831429
Price: $69.99
Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool
Number: LEA830846
Price: $74.99
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