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Mike's been an outdoorsman almost as long as he's been with Smith & Edwards - or longer! An avid backpacker, you can find him at the Gun Counter most days unless he's up in the Uintas fishing, camping, or spending time with his family.
Sporting Goods Buyer

When it comes to sporting goods, you're in great hands! Not only do we love the great outdoors here at Smith and Edwards - we live in it. Hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, playing sports - we know it all because we do it all! So you can rest assured that you're exploring the best outdoor sports goods anywhere.

Sure, we've got Utah hunting and fishing licenses in-store at Smith & Edwards - click here!

There are a lot of online sporting goods stores out there, but no one carries as much as we do - with as much real interest in you getting the perfect gear for your next adventure outdoors. Feel free to call with any questions, such as which camping chair's the most comfortable - just give us a call at 1-801-731-1120 and we'll test 'em out for you.

Thanks, Ogden, for voting us Ogden's Best Local Gear Shop in 2013! - Indie Ogden Awards 2013




Mike & Chris have been tackling the outdoors for as long as they can remember. As the two buyers for our Sporting Goods department, they work hard to find the best prices and the latest technologies in the firearms world. They've done everything for you and are sure you'll find exactly what you need at the best price for you.
Sporting Goods Buyers

Find everything you need in one location for a day at the range. With firearms and ammunition from top manufacturers and brands, we've got what you need. Don't forget to pick up all of the safety equipment you will need too, such as locks, safes, range bags, holsters and more.

Be sure to check back regularly as we add more to our inventory or come visit us in-store today!

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Mike has been with Smith & Edwards for over 20 years. When he's not in the store, he's probably hiking, camping (the Uintas are his favorite) or testing the latest handgun or rifle.
Sporting Goods & Hunting Buyer

From waterfowl to big game, we're all about getting out there. If fall's your favorite season, or camo's your favorite color, you might just be our kind of people. Whether you're into shooting targets or bringing home a freezer worth of meat, we've got what you're looking for. Make sure to check out CAMO for the whole family, too!

Guns and ammunition are currently only available in-store at Smith & Edwards. Please give us a call at 801-731-1120 and ask for the Gun Counter for all your reloading, ammo, and gun needs.

Click here to check out our FULL range of Hunting Gear - and there's always more in-store at Smith & Edwards in Ogden, UT off I-15 at exit 351. Come on in to our store by Willard Bay to check out our guns and ammunition in person. You can call 801-731-1120 to make sure we've got your ammo in-stock. We're restocking all the time!

You'll find a huge variety of guns for sale here at Smith and Edwards. Come into our Utah gun store to inspect them yourself - we're getting new inventory all the time!

And while we do know our guns, that's not all you'll find. You'll discover a unique selection of the finest shooting supplies and hunting supplies: scopes, hunting apparel, personal defense, camouflage, and reloading and cleaning equipment. Sure, we've got Utah hunting licenses in-store - click here!

Of course, we're the source for all the ammunition you're looking for, too. From 9mm ammunition to specialized ammo, think of Smith and Edwards. The experienced staff is here to help you make the most of your shopping experience, feel free to give us a call at 801-731-1120.

We Proudly stock these Brands:

Browning Winchester Remington

...and many more!

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Chris Jacobson
Chris grew up fishing, and he's out at Willard Bay as much as possible. When the weather turns, he's out on the lake with an auger and a tent, ice fishing. He'll make sure you get the bait, gear, and tips you need to reel in "the big one!"
Fishing Buyer

Explore our huge selection of Fishing Tackle & Gear in the sections below! You'll find trolling and ice fishing equipment here... and you'll find MUCH more in our in-store Fishing department off exit 351 in Farr West, right next to the south marina of Willard Bay.

Smith and Edwards' Fishing department has everything you need for a great time on the water. Think of us as your secret weapon, the online fishing and tackle shop you can rely on to get you a great catch.

We can easily outfit you with the Utah fishing tackle you need, whether you are just getting started, or have been fishing your whole life. Smith and Edwards is known for our huge selection of the tried and proven fish lures and bait that will help you land the BIG ONE. We have all the latest products from all of the leading manufacturers.

Don't forget that we are the Willard Bay experts here in Utah - so we know our gear and what works! We will be happy to help you get you the best gear to ensure that you will have a successful fishing trip. And sure, we've got Utah fishing licenses for your trip - click here!

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Camping & Hiking

Camping & Hiking

Mike has been with Smith & Edwards for over 20 years. When hes not in the store, hes probably hiking, camping (the Uintas are his favorite) or testing the latest handgun or rifle.
Sporting Goods & Camping Buyer

Utah has some of the most beautiful campsites in the country, so we wouldn't carry camping gear we wouldn't use ourselves! You can trust you'll find the best deals on Coleman, Kelty, and more here at Smith and Edwards.

All the best outdoor gear - and at reasonable prices. You'll find tents for camping, backpacking gear, hiking supplies, and everything in between here at Smith and Edwards. And you'll know you're getting the best stuff because these are the same water filters, hydration packs, sleeping bags, tents, and first aid kits we pack and use ourselves.

Need some inspiration? Check out Mike's list of must-have Camping gear plus his favorite hiking spots here - The Gear You Need for a Weekend Getaway in Utah!

Whether you're going outdoors for a day hike, an overnight stay at a nice campground, or you're really roughing it during hunting season or just spending your nights under the stars, you'll be happy to find the exact camping equipment you need here.

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Marine & Boating

Marine & Boating

There's no better feeling than being on the water in your boat on a hot summer's day. Fishing or just relaxing with the family, it's the best feeling in the world. If you're looking for fish finders and downriggers, click here.

And for the best day of duck hunting (click here for ALL hunting gear), whether you're at the Bear River Bird Refuge or your own favorite wetland, you want the gas cans and boat gear that you can rely on! But before you head out, be sure you have all the boat accessories and water safety equipment you need! Check out what we've got!

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Outdoor Sports & Games

Outdoor Sports & Games

At Smith & Edwards, we think having FUN outdoors with your family is the BEST! Check out what you'll find here for tennis, climbing gear, and workout gear. Plus, in-store at Smith & Edwards in Farr West Utah, we have even MORE gear, including bike gear, pickleball equipment, and much more.

Looking for Stand Up Paddleboarding gear and marine equipment? Click here for our Marine department!

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Diamond Visions Inc.® Inflator Needle Set - 10-Piece
Number: 9312679
Price: $1.99