Salsa Mixes and Tomato Spices

When you've got a garden bursting with tomatoes, you need something to do with all of them! Here's your answer. Pouches of salsa mix, chili mix, spaghetti sauce mix, and pasta sauce mix will get your tomatoes processed into yummy sauces and dishes your whole family will love. Created in perfect portions, in easy-to-use pouches - no need to pull out 5 or 6 bottles and all the teaspoons - you'll love these mixes from Mrs. Wages.

Stay traditional, or get a little creative: you'll also find guacamole mix as well as flavorings for salsa verde, chipotle, and more. You can even make your own ketchup with ketchup mix - yum!



Mrs. Wages® Pasta Sauce 5oz
Number: 6189427
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Hot Salsa 4oz
Number: 6189435
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Medium Salsa 4oz
Number: 6189484
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Chili Base 5oz
Number: 6194005
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Pizza Sauce 5oz
Number: 6208391
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Mild Salsa Tomato Mix - 4 ounce
Number: 6297261
Price: $4.99
Mrs. Wages® Guacamole Mix .8oz
Number: PFI60615
Price: $1.99
Mrs. Wages® 7 Quart Salsa Can 11.2oz
Number: PFI60991
Price: $7.99
Mrs. Wages® Classic Salsa .8oz
Number: PFI95760
Price: $1.99