Men's Spurs

A cowboy knows that a nice set of spurs is a great way to communicate to his horse - not to mention they look pretty darn good on his boots, too! Here you'll find men's spurs in a variety of designs, styles, shanks, and rowels for every job and every budget. We've also got sizes for the ladies and youth, many in matching styles!


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MetaLab® Buckaroo Large Spurs - Concho
Number: 257990
Price: $58.99
MetaLab® Lightweight Large Cutting Spurs - Stainless Steel
Number: 258030
Price: $49.99
MetaLab® Roper Engraved Stainless Steel Spurs
Number: 25931
Price: $53.99
MetaLab® Stock Spurs - Stainless Steel
Number: 258310
Price: $44.99
MetaLab® Western All Around Spurs - Nickel
Number: 258311
Price: $40.99
Partrade Men's Polished Steel Spur
Number: 215682
Price: $49.99
Plain 2 Tone Spurs
Number: 230301
Price: $53.99
Twisted Rope Spurs
Number: 258860
Price: $53.99
Western Stainless Steel Spurs
Number: 258890
Price: $49.99
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