Masking & Duct Tape

Quickly repair a variety of materials with masking and duct tape. Use the masking tape for a variety of household items and repairs, or for tying off wrappers and presents.

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Duck Brand® Galaxy Print Duct Tape
Number: 4566501
Price: $4.99
Duck Brand® Purple Duct Tape
Number: 4566527
Price: $4.99
Duck Brand® Silver Diamond Duct Tape
Number: 4592861
Price: $4.99
T-Rex® Ferociously Strong Duct Tape
Number: 4592895
Price: $9.99
Duck Brand® Yellow and Black Stripe Duct Tape
Number: 4592903
Price: $4.99
Duck Brand® Tie Dye Design Duct Tape
Number: 4592929
Price: $4.99
Gorilla® White Duct Tape - 30 yd.
Number: 4595534
Price: $11.99
Gorilla® Black Duct Tape - 12 yd.
Number: 4595542
Price: $6.99
Gorilla® Tough & Wide Duct Tape
Number: 4595559
Price: $17.99
Gorilla® Black Duct Tape - 35 yd.
Number: 4595567
Price: $11.99
T-Rex Tape T-Rex Gray Duct Tape
Number: 4614152
Price: $16.99
Gorilla®  Silver Duct Tape
Number: 4651519
Price: $11.99
Ace®  Silver Metal Repair Tape
Number: 47523
Price: $10.99
Duck Brand® Utility Duct Tape
Number: 47889
Price: $5.59
Duck 1.88 in. W X 20 yd L Clear Duct Tape
Number: 4891834
Price: $4.99
Tape It Duct Tape - 60 yds
Number: DA60
Price: $3.99
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