Leather Working Tools

We stock advanced tools and equipment designed for leatherworking here at Smith & Edwards - plus, we use a lot of this ourselves to make our own Smith & Edwards brand Western tack here in our workshop! Whether you're simply making a new belt, or putting the finishing touches or adjustments on your favorite saddle, we have what you need. Explore draw gauges, wing dividers, rivet setters, knives, needles, awls, and punches.


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Number: T120
Price: $17.99
Overstitch Wheel Set
Number: T1212
Price: $24.99
Stitching Groover
Number: T1220
Price: $21.99
Edge Beveler #1
Number: T1300-01
Price: $17.99
Edge Beveler #2
Number: T1300-02
Price: $17.99
Edge Beveler #3
Number: T1300-03
Price: $17.99
Mini Punch Set
Number: T3003
Price: $8.99
Maxi Punch Set
Number: T3004
Price: $10.99
Leather Skiver
Number: T3025
Price: $14.99
Poly Cutting Board 6 In. x 8 In.
Number: T3099
Price: $3.99
Triangle Shape Punch
Number: T3102-00
Price: $8.99
Heart Shape Punch
Number: T3105-00
Price: $8.99
Wings Shape Punch
Number: T3106-00
Price: $8.99
3-Hole Stitching Punch
Number: T3201-03
Price: $12.99
Wood Mallet
Number: T3446
Price: $4.99
Nylon Mallet 9 oz.
Number: T3450
Price: $14.99
Mini Maul
Number: T3460
Price: $21.99
20L Snaps & Setter Kit
Number: T3630-20
Price: $8.99
24L Snaps & Setter
Number: T3631-20
Price: $8.99
Explore Leathercraft Kit
Number: T5001-00
Price: $68.99
Barbed Wire Stamp Set
Number: T8050
Price: $21.99
Basket Weave Stamp Set
Number: T8051
Price: $21.99
Geometric Stamp Set
Number: T8052
Price: $21.99
Slimline Swivel Knife
Number: T8102
Price: $16.99
Adjustable Swivel Knife
Number: T8105
Price: $21.99
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