Horse and Livestock Whips, Paddles & Sorting Poles

How you interact with your animals can make major impacts throughout your operation and your kids' 4-H judging. Smith and Edwards wants to your family to have the best tools possible for the job. Therefore, we carry sorting sticks, whips, and paddles to help you train & guide your horses, pigs, sheep, and more.


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Mustang Manufacturing Carrot Stick
Number: 8982D
Price: $22.99
Mustang Manufacturing Training Flag - Black
Number: 8983D
Price: $26.99
U.S. Whip® 25 in. Riding Bat - Assorted Colors
Number: RW252PL
Price: $13.99
SE® Walking Cane
Number: SEWS712WC-NS
Price: $9.99
U.S. Whip 54" Gray Showman Cattle Show Stick
Number: SM54R
Price: $22.99
US Whip Gray 54" Heavy Duty Sorting Pole
Number: SP54R
Price: $17.99
Professional's Choice Training Sticks
Number: TS100
Price: $25.99
U.S. Whip 36" Wooden Cane
Number: WC
Price: $19.99
U.S. Whip Wooden Sheep Hook
Number: WSH
Price: $29.99
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