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Here at Smith and Edwards you'll find the best fishing lures and fishing jigs you need to improve your catch rate and take home bigger fish. Explore our great assortment of hard and soft plastic jigs, popular Ratsos and Rat Finkees, glow-in-the-dark tubes and torpedoes, and more. You'll find the right bait for whatever you want to catch including fishing lures for trout, walleye, pike, steel head, bass, crappie, perch, panfish, salmon, kokanee and more. If you are looking for terminal tackle, like fish hooks and weights, you can find them here.

Your quality and selection of fishing jigs and lures can be the difference of a successful day of fishing……and just a day out fishing. Just like a carpenter needs the right tool for the job, an angler does too. If you want to catch a trout you'll want fishing lures for trout. Want to catch bass or salmon? We've got lures for that too! Let us help you get the best fishing lures for what you're trying to catch.

Ever wondered what the difference is between bait, lures, and fishing jigs? One really just leads into the next. When referring to fishing bait it traditionally refers to live bait like worms, bugs, etc. Another popular bait used now is Powerbait. It comes in a huge array of colors and scents that are specially formulated to catch the attention of passing fish.....and those you don't need to keep alive! A lure is an artificial plastic or rubber bait designed to take the place of live bait on the end of your hook. They are made in all sorts of sizes, colors, and styles, each designed to attract more fish. A jig is a type of lure that contains a lead head with a hook molded into it that is usually covered by a soft body. They're made to add live bait, lures, or can be used alone. There is a specific style of fishing that is used with jigs, called jigging. Jigging is the act of making jerky, vertical motions as oppose to a traditional horizontal glide of your bait through the water. This technique is used commonly in ice fishing but is also used in fresh water and salt water fishing as well. Your arm can get pretty tired trying to keep one or several poles moving at once. A Tip Up will do the job for you and let you keep several poles going at once without lifting a finger, only to set them again.


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Rapala®  CountDown 05 - Brown Trout
Number: CD05TR
Price: $7.99
Rapala®  CountDown 05 - Rainbow Trout
Number: CD05RT
Price: $7.99
Rapala®  Glass Shad Rap 05 - Glass Black
Number: GSR05GBK
Price: $6.99
Rapala® Glass Shad Rap™
Number: GSR05
Price: $6.99
Rapala® Jointed Shad Rap™ Lure
Number: JSR
Price: $6.99
Rapala® Jointed™
Number: J0513
Price: Starting at $8.19
Rapala® Original Floating™
Number: F0511
Price: Starting at $7.99
Rapala® Rattlin' Rapala®
Number: RNR
Price: Starting at $4.99
Rapala® Shad Dancer - 04
Number: SDD04
Price: $9.99
Rapala® Shad Rap Lures
Number: SR
Price: Starting at $7.49
Rapala® Shadow Rap® Deep - 11
Number: SDRD11
Price: $9.99
River2Sea® 1/2 Ounce Rig Walker 3X Strong #4/0 Lure
Number: WO-RW100/RW
Price: $7.99
River2Sea® 7/8 Ounce Big Mistake Treble Lure
Number: CL-BM160
Price: $16.99
Rocky Mountain Tackle  1.5-inch Double Glow Pink Signature Squid
Number: RM-79204
Price: $3.99
Rocky Mountain Tackle  1.5-inch Double Glow Pink Super Squid
Number: RM79296
Price: $4.99
Rocky Mountain Tackle  1.5-inch UV Orange Super Squid
Number: RM-79291
Price: $4.99
Rocky Mountain Tackle UV Green Cotton Candy Bill Fish Squid
Number: RM79924
Price: $4.99
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