Ego® Power+ Electric Yard Tools

Looking for the latest in environmentally friendly yard tools? Check out this great brand, Ego™. Featuring new, innovative technology, this brand is sure to give you the power you need to get the job done with less noise and a lighter approach. Find everything you need to keep your yard in fantastic shape this spring.

Don't see the Ego® Power+ tool that you're looking for? Come into the store or give us a call so we can special order the part or tool that you're looking for! We order through the Ace® Hardware warehouse every week and can get what you need before you start on your next project.


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EGO® Rapid Reload+ Trimmer Head
Number: 7003076
Price: $39.99
EGO® Professional Grade .095 in. Dia. X 14 ft. L Trimmer Line
Number: 7003081
Price: $16.99
EGO® Power+ 18-in. 56-Volt Battery Chainsaw
Number: 7006233
Price: $399.00
EGO® Chain Saw Carrying Case
Number: 7006298
Price: $89.99
EGO® Power+ 650 CFM Leaf Blower
Number: 7006685
Price: $299.99
EGO® Power+ 21-in. 56-Volt Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Number: 7006686
Price: $749.00
EGO® 18-in. Chainsaw Chain
Number: 7007851
Price: $27.99
EGO® 18-in. Chainsaw Bar
Number: 7007855
Price: $38.99
EGO® Power+ 15-in. 56-Volt Battery String Trimmer
Number: 7013944
Price: $219.00
EGO® Power+ Battery Handheld Leaf Blower Kit
Number: 7014318
Price: $219.00
EGO® Chute Cleaning Tool
Number: 7016680
Price: $27.99
EGO® Power+ 56-Volt 8 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
Number: 7017983
Price: $199.00
EGO® Power+ 765 CFM Leaf Blower
Number: 7026058
Price: $329.00
EGO® Power+ Powerload™ String Trimmer with Line IQ™
Number: 7026061
Price: $329.00
EGO® Power+ Hedge Trimmer
Number: 7804784
Price: $219.00
EGO® Power+ 530 CFM Leaf Blower
Number: 7804792
Price: $199.00
EGO® Power+ Straight Shaft String Trimmer
Number: 7804818
Price: $249.00
EGO® 16-in. Chainsaw Chain
Number: 7804834
Price: $25.99
EGO® Power+ Battery String Trimmer Kit
Number: 7804867
Price: $199.00
EGO® Professional Grade Trimmer Line
Number: 7804891
Price: $27.99
EGO® Power+ 21-in. 56-Volt Battery Lawn Mower
Number: 7804909
Price: $419.00
EGO® Power+ 16-in. Battery Chainsaw
Number: 7804925
Price: $329.00
EGO® Power+ Leaf Blower Nozzle
Number: 7804933
Price: $18.99
EGO® POWER+ 2.5 Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery
Number: 7809304
Price: $179.00
EGO® POWER+ 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery
Number: 7809312
Price: $299.00
EGO® Power+ Chain Saw
Number: 7814270
Price: $239.00
EGO® 14-in. 52-Link Chainsaw Chain
Number: 7829997
Price: $22.99
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