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Here at Smith and Edwards, we like to have only the top-of-the-line quality gear, just for you.

When going on your next hunting trip, take one of the best packs to help you carry all your gear. These packs and backpacks, from brands such as Eberlestock, Wildfowler, Badlands, Alps Mountaineering, and Slumberjack, are convenient and designed for your comfort. Knowing just how many tools and gadgets you will need, you know you will also need one of these great backpacks to carry them all!


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Everest® Two-Tone Backpack With Mesh Pockets - Assorted Colors
Number: ETC3045SH
Price: $16.99
Everest® Three-Tone Backpack With Dual Mesh Pocket
Number: ETC3045W
Price: $22.99
Everest® Junior Slant Backpack
Number: ETC6045S
Price: $11.99
Everest® Deluxe Junior Backpack - Black
Number: ETC7045S
Price: $13.99
Everest® Black Messenger Bag - Large
Number: ETCBB005
Price: $17.99
Everest® Black Messenger Bag - Medium
Number: ETCBB009
Price: $15.99
Everest® Backpack with Front & Side Pockets - Assorted Colors
Number: ETCBP2072
Price: $11.99
Everest® Stylish Rucksack - Assorted Colors
Number: ETCBP500
Price: $16.99
Everest® Canvas Messenger Bag - Olive
Number: ETCCT075
Price: $24.99
Everest® Mini Backpack Handbag - Assorted Colors
Number: ETCHP1100
Price: $20.99
Fox Outdoors® Universal Tactical Rifle Pack - Coyote
Number: F56918
Price: $99.99
G.P.S. Black Pistolero Backpack
Number: GPS1712BPB
Price: $129.99
High Peak Alpinizmo® Voyager 50L
Number: HP99008
Price: $69.99
Condor Fold-Out Medical Bag
Number: MA20
Price: $27.99
US PeaceKeeper Medium Range Bag - Black
Number: P21115
Price: $49.99
US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack - Tan
Number: P40305
Price: $39.99
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