Automotive & Marine Adhesives

Make minor automotive and boat repairs with the some of the strongest adhesives. Form permanent bonds on a variety of parts and components to get your vehicle or boat out as quickly and safely as possible.

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E-6000® High Strength Automotive and Industrial Adhesive Gel 3.7 oz
Number: 1368505
Price: $9.59
Amazing GOOP® Marine Contact Adhesive
Number: 8012940
Price: $7.99
J-B Weld® MarineWeld High Strength Marine Adhesive and Sealant Liquid - .85 oz.
Number: 8437493
Price: $9.59
J-B Weld® PlasticBonder High Strength Automotive Adhesive Paste - .85 oz.
Number: 8554495
Price: $9.59
J-B Weld® High Strength Automotive Adhesive Paste - 10 oz.
Number: 8554503
Price: $18.99